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Treating Symptoms As Real In Energy Psychology

Ed Grimshaw, NLP Trainer & Author of The Perfect Fit, Writes: "In working with clients and seeing people with a variety of issues, one thing that has changed in recent years is treating the client’s presenting problem as real. This was pioneered in the 70s by Virginia Satir (Family Therapist) then by Richard Bandler (NLP originator). They treated the literal meaning of what was said by the client as a true statement of affairs. Of course going back before then and even now with some of the current medical thinking, “the pull yourself together school of thinking” does not get anywhere, its destructive and simply invalidates the poor sufferer."

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Hypnosis For Energy Healers

Because of the structure of EMO, clients will naturally enter into quite deep trance states as their attention goes “inside” to follow with the experiences of the energy flow in their bodies.

As the client goes into trance, the EMO practitioner naturally and automatically becomes “their hypnotist”.